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You can search the CAD Tips and Tricks database on several criteria using this form. If you define more criteria, only those tips conforming to all criteria will be selected (AND).

[CAD] field limits searching to a particular software product or version. Most of AutoCAD tips can be used also on derived products - Mechanical Desktop, Map, LT, etc. So if you cannot find the tip e.g. for Map, search also AutoCAD or don't limit search on CAD product type. Most of the tips for an older version of a product can be applied also on newer versions. The default option "-any-" searches through all CAD programs.

[OS] field limits only those tips which depend on a particular operating system. As most tips do not depend on a particular OS this parameter is mostly blank. We recommend to not use it (leave "-any-").

[Categ] field limits only tips in a particular category of tips (CAD products, plotters, HP products).

Enter the searched text (Deutsch) in the [Text] field. Tips containing any of the entered words (space delimited) will be shown. Tips with best match are displayed first, wildcards '*' and '?' are supported. Neither +/- nor logical operators (AND/OR) are supported (OR is default, AND results in higher ranking). Sentences in double-quotes will match only verbatim. Any case will match (lower=UPPER).

Checking the [FAQ] field only the tips labeled as "frequently asked questions" are displayed (we recommend to not combine this with other criteria).

If you display many tips, use the Next and Previous buttons on the bottom to page through the list.

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