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AutoCAD hatch flood-fill does not honor all boundaries.

A - answer When hatching large, especially long objects using the flood-fill method - i.e. with the option "Specify internal point:" - you may encounter the problem that some boundary lines are not honored. See the pink part of the flood solid hatch:


The reason is that this AutoCAD function works by default only with those objects, which are at least partially visible on screen. So for the "flood" fill/hatch the result depends on the current zoom level. But with a large zoom-out level it may be difficult to properly hit the small "single-pixel" area with an internal point.

There are multiple solutions:

  • Instead of the internal point method, perform the hatching using the boundary (object) selection method.
  • Split the long object into shorter ones using auxiliary "partition" lines and hatch them one by one.
  • Instead of using objects "on screen", force your AutoCAD to work with a specified set of potential hatch boundaries. You can do it this way: in the HATCH command, choose the fill type and then use the option "seTtings". Expand the dialog with the bottom right arrow, click on "Boundary set > New" and use window selection (or step by step selections, or just ALL - but watch any switched-off layers) to select objects along the hatched area - e.g. a buffer-zone. Then zoom in closer as necessary and click the point inside the zone.

    You can predefine this procedure to a LISP function or a menu macro - and then assign it e.g. to a ribbon icon or to a keyboard shortcut.

    The LISP function (a new command "FHATCH") can e.g. look like this:

    (defun C:FHATCH ()
     (setvar "HPNAME" "SOLID")
     (command "_-HATCH" "_Adv" "_Bound" "_New" "_ALL" "" "")

    The menu macro (a new command in CUI, also for LT) can look like e.g. this:


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