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RENAME on steroids - complex renaming of AutoCAD objects.

A - answer The AutoCAD command RENAME has only limited options for complex renaming of layers, blocks or linetypes and you cannot use it to rename a series of layouts in DWG files.

Here comes the rRename LISP utility by CAD Studio. CADstudio rRename (see is a free AutoCAD add-on tool, which allows to rename blocks, layers, layouts, linetypes, views, viewports, styles, user coordinates systems and groups with a simple find/replace or with regular expressions. Unlike the standard RENAME command you can use it to batch-rename layouts or to perform complex renaming schemes like swapping parts of a name, inserting substrings or adding counters (see examples).

Just load the RRENAME.VLX using APPLOAD or ACADDOC.LSP. Start renaming by entering the RRENAME command. It prompts for a type of object to rename:

Rename [Blocks/Layers/lineTypes/layOuts/Views/Textstyles/
Dimstyles/tAblestyles/Materials/viewPorts/Ucs/Groups] < layOuts>:

Then enter the substring or regular expression to find and the substring or regular expression to replace. A standard text will just perform a search/replace renaming. The "*" character in the search string will be used as a wildcard (in fact as the ".+" regular expression). The "#" character in the replace string will be used as a counter (1,2,3...).

The regular expression strings can match object names in complex schemes. The renaming process will avoid objects like the "Model" layout, the layer "0" or the "ByLayer" linetype.

Regular Expressions allow to specify parentheses "(.+)" as stored groups in the search and refer them in the replace string as "$1", "$2", etc. (in the order). Read more about regular expressions in Wikipedia.

Renaming examples (do not type the double-quotes):

"" (empty string) --> "X"
prefix all characters in the names with "X"

"*" --> "New#"
rename all objects to New1, New2, New3, etc.

"(.+)" --> "Pre-$1-Post"
add "Pre-" as prefix and "-Post" as suffix to all names:
Layer1 --> Pre-Layer1-Post

"(.+)-(.+)" --> $2-$1
swap parts of names, like "Layer-Electro" to "Electro-Layer"

"(.{3})(.+)" --> $1-NEW-$2
add "-NEW-" after first 3 characters:
Layer1 --> Lay-NEW-er1

"(.+)([0-9]+)" --> $1-#-NEW
delete trailing numbers, renumber and add "-NEW":
Layer10 --> Layer-1-NEW
Layer15 --> Layer-2-NEW

Use the srxText utility for similar replacing of drawing texts.

Other possibilities for mass renaming are available in the RenameCSV utility.

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