Zobrazit plnou verzi příspěvku: AutoCAD for Mac 2017.1

Vladimír Michl
25.05.2017, 14:44

Byl vydán Update 1 pro aktuální verze AutoCAD for Mac 2017 a pro AutoCAD LT for Mac 2017. Obsahuje i hotfix 2017.0.1. Ke stažení viz Download nebo Autodesk Account. Přehled inovací a oprav: Feature EnhancementsPalette behavior improvementThe Layer and Properties palettes can be floating and moved to other position.The Layer palette now consists of the layer list.The Layer palette shows more columns of settings by default.The hight of Layer and Properties palette in Docking mode can be changed.Touch BarAutoCAD function keys are available in the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro.The Touch Bar is customizable.CUIThe CUI dialog now differentiate the custom commands and ACAD commands. ACAD commands cannot be removed or modified.CUI file schema changed.Primary Issues Resolved by 2017.1 UpdateDrawing FilesCharacters with accents are corrupted if saved to 2004 or older DWG format.Double clicking a dwg file and AutoCAD just opens a blank drawing.DWG file permission changed after saved.Welcomescreen does not show most recent files.Stability ImprovementCrash when publish/plot some drawing.Crash when switch layouts for some printers.Crash when create or modify 3dpoly object.Crash when start AutoCAD in some cases.Crash when press CapsLock key when using some language input method on Sierra.Crash when edit mleader style on MacBook with Touch Bar.Crash when export PDF with override pagesetup.Crash when edit color for Layer.OthersPalette width is not remembered cross sessions.Ghost lines in Properties palette.Xref remains highlighted when switch drawings.OSNAP and Polar Tracking gets disabled unexpectedly by some operations.New Viewport in the context menu in layout does not work.PDF attach dialog does not show the page preview.Transparency icon on/off mode is not clear on status bar .Primary issues fixed in 2017.0.1 Hotfix Crashes when edit page setup. Crashes when change loft settings. Crashes when open or create new drawings from welcomescreen. Toolset does not work when clicked. Crash when customizing Toolset and restart AutoCAD. Crash when refreshing commandline history. Random crashes on OS X Yosemite. Crash when open multiple drawings.