Zobrazit plnou verzi příspěvku: IFC Export pro Revit 2018

Vladimír Michl
26.02.2018, 18:27
Byla uvedena nová verze aplikace pro rozšířený export IFC z Revitu 2018 - V2.3.1 (viz Download a Apps). Přehled nejdůležitějších novinek (zejména viz volba počátku):New Export Functionality:- Add the ability to import and export custom configuration setups.- Add the ability to choose the origin of the exported file. There are 4 options:     - Current shared coordinates origin     - Internal Revit coordinates     - Project Base Point     - Site Surve Point- A number of COBie improvements, including:     - Including the exchange requirement information in the File Header- A number of IFC4 Reference View improvements, including:     - Export some profile names with geometry when appropriate     - Fix scaling of triangulation coordinates     - Improve export of beam axis     - Restrict use of many disallowed IFC entities and geometries- Allow remapping of IFC entity attributes in addition to properties.- Create more associated type entities for IFC objects.- Consistent ability to override name, object type and description for all entities- Export connectors even if they aren't connected to other elements.- Export parts whose host elements are in linked files, whether "Export Parts as Building Elements" is checked or not.- Improved creation of IFCBUILDING and IFCSITE entitiesExport Bug Fixes:- Fix export of some space with empty Occupant fields.- Fix relative placement of exported IFC links to the host IFC file.- Fix unexpected error when exporting a floor as an IfcRamp (for IFC2x3 only).- Fix unexpected error when exporting a site from a 3D view when exporting the active view geometry (for IFC4 RV only).- Full French localization for a number of previously hard-coded strings- Improved calculation of some property set parameters.