Zobrazit plnou verzi příspěvku: Nesting Utility 2019.3

Vladimír Michl
19.01.2019, 10:01
Byla vydána aktualizace nástroje pro optimalizaci rozložení tvarů plechových dílů - Inventor Nesting Utility 2019.3. Přidává nové funkce, jazyky a opravuje některé menší problémy (i s češtinou). Ke stažení je na Autodesk Account (viz též Download).Přehled novinek a oprav:What's New* New languages: French, Spanish, and Italian.* Support for 3D Detailed view for source files.* Nest Authoring feature for modifying nesting properties of source files.* The Create 3D Model command can now create assembly files using the extruded shape or the 3D source.* Extractions of Generic CAD source files using the Silhouette Curve Inventor command has been improved.* Improvements for invisible and derived sketches to be used for nesting.* Construction lines for Inventor Part provider are now ignored, as expected.* Improvements for showing shape number in Nesting Properties dialog box.Summary of Fixed Issues* When checking into Vault, legacy INEST file must be re-saved to avoid losing link relationships.* Inventor document-level material names cannot be extracted. * The Create Nest command might be missing from the context menu if you manually loaded Nesting Utility. * Non-English characters will not display as expected in the HTML report.* Cannot enter Nesting environment when clicking the Nesting command. * Cost value is sometimes not calculated correctly.* Charts are sometimes not displayed in HTML reports.