Zobrazit plnou verzi příspěvku: Revit 2014 Update 2

Vladimír Michl
31.10.2013, 22:39
Byl uveden Update 2 (SP2) pro Revit 2014, všechny verze - tedy "one box", Architecture, Structure, MEP a LT. Ke stažení viz stránka Download.

Vladimír Michl
08.11.2013, 21:49
Přehled oprav v Update 2 (všechny verze Revitu 2014):Platform enhancements:*  Disables the ability to paste spot elevations into a Sketch mode.*  Improves stability when using Results and Compare for Energy Analysis.*  Improves stability when exporting to AutoCAD 2000 DWG format.*  Improves Online Help experience by properly redirecting help inquiries to Autodesk Help.*  Improves stability when enabling Sun Path.*  Improves graphic display of Analytical Model Walls.*  Improves data integrity of user defined parameters when utilizing temporary view templates.*  Improves stability when editing dimensions.*  Improves upgrade reliability of projects created with a different language version of Revit.*  Improves stability when selecting materials within the Material Browser.*  Restores the appearance of area color fills within linked files, when setting the view as By Linked View.*  Improves stability when upgrading projects which utilize Keynotes.*  Improves stability when importing IFC files.*  Improves stability when editing Filters within the Visibility/Graphics Overrides dialog.*  Improves stability when saving projects which were upgraded.*  Improves stability when combining Phases.*  Improves accuracy of Analytical Volumes.*  Improves display of Imported Categories for DWG files linked into the project using the “Current View Only” option at time of import.*  Improves stability when attempting to turn on sun path while temporary view properties mode is active.*  Improves data integrity when export model to FBX.*  Improves display of hidden lines on walls in Floor Plan and Elevation views.Autodesk Revit Architecture 2014 Enhancements*  Improves display of hidden lines on walls in Floor Plan and Elevation views.Autodesk Revit Structure 2014 Enhancements*  Improves display of vertical rebar when the rebar extends past the View Range.*  Improves the location consistency of Structural beams when upgrading projects.*  Improves stability when viewing a sheet which contains Structural Reinforcement Areas.Autodesk Revit MEP 2014 Enhancements*  Improves the visual fidelity of point clouds in MEP discipline views in regards to underlay elements in the view.*  Improves connection reliability between fittings when upgrading MEP projects.*  Improves connection reliability between fittings when changing the size of MEP elements.*  Improves the data integrity of the Outside Air per Area value for a HVAC when exported to gbXML.Autodesk Revit 2014 Update Enhancement List*  Removes the “Multiple Values” values for Flow, Velocity and Friction parameters and replaces it with the highest value applied to the entire segment length.
Vladimír Michl2013-11-10 09:33:44