Zobrazit plnou verzi příspěvku: Vault 2016.0.5 update

Vladimír Michl
22.02.2017, 07:44

Byl uveden Update 5 pro Vault 2016 SP1 - verze Basic, Workgroup i Professional. Obsahuje i předchozí hotfixy uvedené po SP1. Aktualizaci je nutné provést na klientech i na serveru. Hotfix: http://download.autodesk.com/us/support/files/vault_2016_update/2016.0.5.zipReadme: https://knowledge.autodesk.com/sites/default/files/file_downloads/Vault_2016_0_5_readme.html Přehled oprav: 2016.0.5 UpdatesAutoCAD XREFs could not be resolved...When using Copy Design for a parent DWG copied to a new folder without its XREFs.When performing a Move for a parent DWG moved to a new folder without its XREFs and additional attachments are created on the parent.Performing a Get on an Inventor assembly with substitute parts would sometimes result in a CER.When selecting 'Open from Vault' in AutoCAD, the error message "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: path1" is thrown if the working folder is mapped to the root of a drive.When mapping file properties with Classification = Standard, properties for files attached to Items were not being updated when performing Assign/Update Item.A duplicate file link to an Item could be created when an Assign Item is cancelled and the part is replaced in Vault prior to a second Assign Item.After a DTU import of files, items and BOM, some position were missing in the BOM in Vault.An enhancement to Project Sync that helps reduce intermittent and unpredictable connectivity behavior during syncs.Update to a security patch that address a vulnerability where a specially crafted raster image in a drawing can trigger unauthorized code execution.Unable to close Microsoft Excel files when Vault add-in for Excel is installed.Resolved an "Index was out of range" error when performing a 'Go To Item'.