Zobrazit plnou verzi příspěvku: Vault 2016.0.6 Update

Vladimír Michl
17.05.2017, 09:08

Byl uvolněn update 6 pro Vault klienty řady 2016 s nainstalovaným SP1 - 2016.0.6. Ke stažení je na Autodesk Account nebo přes Desktop App. Při instalaci postupujte podle Readme pokynů. Přehled oprav:  2016.0.6 UpdatesCopy Design UpdatesPerforming drag and drop operations within Copy Design would result in Part Numbers not being updated.Performance enhancement for Job Processor DWF creation on IDWs with references to a large number of assemblies.When selecting a part in an Inventor assembly is was not being highlighted when viewing the Vault browser.Adding DWG file into "Plot Manager" dialog resulted in "Plot Data" displaying DWG only for "model", but displaying DWF for Layout1/Layout2.Resolved an issue where the error dialog "Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute" occurs when navigating Items.The selection to Queue an update would not persist session to session.Performing an Item import from a CSV file, containing multiple rows with the same item number, the item would not be created.When 'saving to central' on a Revit file with links, the upload to Vault incorrectly created a new version for all files including unmodified links.