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Téma uzavřenoUveden Service Pack 1 pro Inventor 2015

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Vladimír Michl Zobrazit panel
Arkance Systems

Přihlášen: 09.zář.2004
Lokalita: ČR (JČ)
Dodáváme produkty Autodesk
Stav: Offline
Bodů: 21560
Přímý odkaz na tuto zprávu Téma: Uveden Service Pack 1 pro Inventor 2015
    Zasláno: 12.zář.2014 v 15:40
Autodesk uvolnil Service Pack 1 pro Inventor 2015 (všechny verze, včetně Suites), Inventor LT 2015 a prohlížeč Inventor View 2015. SP1 zahrnuje i dosud vydané Update hotfixy pro verzi 2015. SP1 je ke stažení v sekci Download. Přehled SP pro Inventory - viz:
Přehled oprav:

Autodesk Inventor Professional 2015


    Stress Analysis

    • 1509-950: Face selection for FEA loads and constraints unsupported prior to this enhancement.


Autodesk Inventor 2015


    • This Service Pack 1 addresses Heartbleed vulnerability - a security bug in the open-source OpenSSL cryptography library. Heartbleed is registered in the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures system as CVE-2014-0160. For more information, please visit the CVE dictionary at http://cve.mitre.org.



    • 1516-453: ComponentOccurrence.Excluded API does nothing and returns an error.
    • 1516-939: Memory leak occurs when calling the API method AttributeSet.Add on an object that is a member of an OccurrencePattern object.
    • 1517-042: Inventor unexpectedly exits when you move the cursor over an edge when calling FindUsingVector API within OnPreSelect event.
    • 1514-728: Inventor API incorrectly places the ArcLengthDimConstraint into Geometric Constraint collection, instead of the Dimension Constraint collection.
    • 1516-710: Inventor API Edge.CalculateStrokes behavior is inconsistent.


    Application Functionality

    • 1516-052: Inventor unexpectedly exits due to the incomplete handling of peek message loop while running a spreadsheet edit related workflow within Inventor.
    • 1515-904: Inventor becomes unresponsive when you use measure tool in drawing.
    • 1515-681: iLogic browser obscures the Model browser when My Home is enabled.
    • 1514-905: BAK files and other non-Part/Assembly/Drawing/Presentation files appear in the My Home RECENTLY USED area.
    • 1517-874: Inventor becomes unresponsive when displaying My Home and Opening and Saving Inventor documents in rapid succession with Inventor API.
    • 1517-955: Changing the active project from My Home does not set the current Workspace correctly.
    • 1518-176: The Team Web page does not appear behind some proxy servers.
    • 1516-695: Help search results display incorrectly and point to incorrect target.
    • 1517-015: 'Want to Learn more?' in the learning page links to a wrong page.
    • 1518-141: Drawing Resource Transfer Wizard tool does not work on Windows 8 operating system.


    Assembly Modeling

    • 1517-902: Replacing an ipart member in the Table Author dialog requires an extra click to set focus on the cell.
    • 1517-471: Moment of Inertia is calculated to negative value when you modify the Mass value manually.
    • 1516-933: Inventor unexpectedly exits when you create a shrinkwrap of an assembly that contains a part with Repaired Geometry composite and source feature deleted.


    BIM Exchange

    • 1516-885: A part file with sweep feature fails to export to .rfa file.


    Content Center

    • 1515-497: Cannot edit the custom angle value for a custom content center component when it is inserted as a standard part.
    • 1518-489: Inventor becomes unresponsive when connected to the Vault 2015 R2 library.


    Drawing Manager

    • 1516-181: Hidden trails in .ipn file display in drawing raster view.
    • 1517-964: Inventor may unexpectedly exit when you open a certain drawing file with a titleblock.
    • 1517-162: ‘T’ command alias creates a drawing sketch and starts the sketch text command instead of starting the general annotation text command. **Additional Step Required

    **In order to use ‘T’ command for drawing text and also ‘T’ command for sketch text add the ‘T’ alias to the drawing Text command. To do this use the Quick Launch context menu to access the Customer User Commands dialog. On the Keyboard page, scroll to the Text/Annotation command and specify ‘T’ as the alias.


    Engineer's Notebook

    • 1510-967: Inventor unexpectedly exits when you copy and paste components which have an engineering note deleted.


    Enhanced Visualization

    • 1368-705: Dimension values are difficult to see if you change the background color.
    • 1514-968: Drawing dimensions disappear on images in a sketch.
    • 1517-178: Ray Tracing: The iFeature causes a black face if the appearance has the reflectivity setting.
    • 1517-511: Ground shadows show white effect under Ray Tracing Good and Best mode.
    • 1511-131: The display of workplanes prevents the view at the half section of an assembly.
    • 1515-809: A transparent model that partially displays in the graphics window loses face after editing constraint.
    • 1517-634: NVIDIA graphics devices on the laptops with dual graphics device are not recognized.
    • 1518-156: Inventor unexpectedly exits when you edit the thickness column in iFeature Author Table of an .ide file from a catalog.
    • 1518-703: The model displays too brightly after migrating the customized lighting styles to the Inventor default styles.


    Inventor Studio

    • 1515-783: Style Library Manager unexpectedly exits when you migrate style library with non-English Inventor.
    • 1446-107: Some Inventor Studio dialog boxes such as Render Image collapse automatically.



    • 1500-905: Failure to purge unused material styles for certain datasets.
    • 1517-473: Inventor unexpectedly exits when you assign an appearance to multi-selected faces.
    • 1518-136: Inventor unexpectedly exits when you save a legacy file with custom material in Inventor 2015.
    • 1518-288: Failure to save a customized material styles.


    Part Modeling

    • 1517-465: Inventor sometimes unexpectedly exits when you create a Freeform Bridge.
    • 1517-835: Body color of derived part is not maintained.
    • 1515-447: Inventor unexpectedly exits when you edit a sick sweep feature.
    • 1513-384: The temporary plane label of a mirrored work plane is incorrect.
    • 1517-835: The body color of a derived part is not maintained.



    • 1517-052: Inventor unexpectedly exits when you create a view with a custom level of detail.


    Repair Environment

    • 1515-838: Inventor becomes unresponsive when you heal the intersection error of two faces.



    • 1511-075: Cut normal on a cone sometimes generates an incorrect result.
    • 1515-420: Cut normal sometimes fails on a model which contains two adjacent bends.
    • 1515-705: Cut normal sometimes fails if you first define the A-side face.
    • 1515-458: Unable to deselect sketch points when you edit the punch tool.



    • 1517-300: Import issue: Originally imported geometries in all 3D sketches have to be deleted. The .dwg file has to be re-imported to an existing 3D sketch.



    • 1515-682: If the operation system format is set to an Eastern Asian languages, such as Korean or Traditional Chinese, Inventor reads a CATIA V4 file as empty.
    • 1516-822: Failure to read some specific CATIA V5 in assembly files.
    • 1356-879: Importing an AutoCAD .dwg with meters units changes to mm after importing into Inventor.
    • 1517-206: Unable to import MDT.dwg files.
    • 1517-907: Improve import performance for a large number of geometry specific .dwg files when importing to sketch environment.
    • 1517-908: Improve window selection performance in sketch environment, for various geometry.
    • 1514-742: Failure to read certain SolidWorks assembly files.
    • 1517-121: Inventor may unexpectedly exit when you open .step files.
    • 1517-469: The .step assembly file exported from Inventor cannot be opened with QuickStep 2010.
    • 1516-894: The mesh data imported from some specific .stl file do not display in Inventor correctly.
Vladimír Michl (moderátor)
Arkance Systems s.r.o. - www.arkance-systems.cz
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