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Téma uzavřenoUveden Revit 2018.2

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Vladimír Michl Zobrazit panel
CAD Studio a.s.

Přihlášen: 09.zář.2004
Lokalita: ČR (JČ)
Dodáváme produkty Autodesk
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Přímý odkaz na tuto zprávu Téma: Uveden Revit 2018.2
    Zasláno: 11.říj.2017 v 22:57
Byla uvedena nová subscription release pro Revit 2018 - verze 2018.2. Obsahuje několik nových funkcí a celou řadu oprav. Verzi 2018.2 stáhnete z vašeho účtu Autodesk Account nebo pomocí Desktop App.

Přehled změn v 2018.2 Update

Resolved Issues


* Fixed an issue in which tags moved when a linked file was reloaded.
* Fixed an issue causing image files to incorrectly mask label text.
* Removed the Model Groups category from the Load Tags & Symbols dialog.
* Improved stability when clicking context menu items in the View Cube while the Steering Wheel is on.
Color Fill
* Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect results when using a color fill scheme set to By range.
* Improved accuracy when opening projects that utilize families in plan view.
* Improved stability when interacting with the type selector and then completing Copy/Monitor.
Dynamo Player
* Improved Revit performance after Dynamo Player is launched and closed.
* Improved expand/collapse behavior of Watch nodes in Dynamo Player.
* Improved behavior of Watch nodes in Dynamo Player by collapsing consecutive spaces from String inputs.
* Improved stability when using the split tool.
File Open/Save/Upgrade
* Improved stability when upgrading a project that includes a corrupt family.
Fixed an issue that could cause unresolved pointer reference errors when opening projects.
* Improved stability when the pointer pUser of Sketch is null.
* Improved family loading by remembering the location of the last family loaded into the project.
Linked Files
* Improved stability when inserting a Revit link containing invalid or missing phase data.
* Improved stability when exiting painting material in a 3D view.
* Improved stability when when replacing a material texture in material dialog.
* Improve stability after creating a new material and dragging it into the local library through material editor.
* Improved stability when editing materials.
* Improved stability when quickly double-clicking on the OK button on the Material Browser.
* Improve stability when working with materials browser to edit material properties and generate thumbnail images.
* Fix an issue to display the correct material appearance preview.
* Added the ability to copy reinforcement in parts when mirroring the original element.
* Fixed an issue with the Print Setup dialog so that work planes print as expected when the option 'Hide ref/work planes' is cleared.
* Fixed an issue in which the Print dialog became disabled when choosing the * Print to PDF print driver with Windows 10 anniversary edition.
* Improved stability when upgrading the parameter ROOM_SPACE_TYPE_PARAM integer type to ElementId type.
Sign In/Sign Out
* Improved stability when quickly signing out of A360 and closing Revit.
* Fixed a crash that occurred when editing multi-segment grids.
User Interface
* Fixed an issue in which ribbon menus disappeared after performing a print preview.
* Improved stability when a view filter included analytic or space categories and the energy analysis tools are disabled in the user interface.
* Improved stability when reloading an active view that was deleted by another user.
* Fixes an issue in the Synchronize with Central operation that mistakenly reports the model is corrupted.
* Improved stability in workshared files containing sun and shadow settings saved in view templates.


* Improved stability when setting the thickness of a floor to 0 while in the floor preview dialog.
* Improved stability when upgrading projects with multistory stairs from Revit 2017 and earlier to Revit 2018.
* Improved stability when deleting wall elements.
* Fixed an issue so that wall core edges can be referenced when using the Pick Lines sketch tool.
* Improved stability when activating auto-dimension and selecting a split edge in the wall preview dialog.

* Improved stability when editing conduit to connect conduit surface connector.
* Resolved a constraint issue in the Pile Cap family, which caused it to not update correctly after the diameter of Pile-Steel Pipe was changed.
* Improved stability when connecting a rectangular duct branch to a main run in a section view.
* Fixed an issue that could cause instability when modifying the size of a set of pipe or duct elements.
* Improved stability when editing size of pipe or duct elements in the Options bar.
* Improved stability when changing an electrical circuit frame value.
* Improved stability when selecting electrical wires.
* Fixed an issue that was preventing pattern 2966 from inserting as a 45 wye.
* Added support for exporting assemblies through the Export to Fabrication addin.
* Improved support for mechanical tees in MEP Fabrication autofill tools.
* Improved the sticky move logic with Fabrication parts to reduce the amount of unwanted downstream propagation.
* Fixed an issue that caused parts to fail to resize on optimized systems.
Linked Files
* Improved performance when opening a file containing MEP fabrication hangers.
Lookup Table
* Restored ability to use the number type parameter to define a lookup size table column.
* Improved stability when associating a P&ID project with a Revit project.
P&ID Modeler
* Improved stability when exiting Revit after utilizing P&ID Modeler functionality during session.
* Improved ability to map pumps in a P&ID project.


* Fixed an issue where the value of the rebar partition parameter was deleted when upgrading from Revit 2017 and earlier projects to Revit 2018.
* Enabled the FabricationPart.GeometryChecksum property to simplify the checking of fabrication part geometry.
* Fixed an issue so that the crop box is correctly set using the API.
* Improved stability when placing a wall-hosted family on a ceiling through Dynamo.


* Added support for changing service and/or size on MEP Fabrication parts.
* Improved the offset tag to use the string defined in the centerline duct settings.
* Improved filter color consistency with fabrication parts.
* Improved PCF output to report out the material specification.
* Added support for user defined notes in the PCF output.
* Added support for elbow angles in the PCF output.
* Added support for Instrument angle parts in the PCF output file
* Improved the usability of the Section Box shape control to more reliably detect cursor adjustment.
* Added the API RevitLinkType.GetLinkedFileStatus() to determine whether a Revit link is loaded, unloaded, or missing
* Added arrows in canvas to indicate which duct or pipe connector is highlighted in the Select Connector dialog while placing analytical pipe connections or using the Connect Into command.
* Improved P&ID modeler performance when associating a rvt project with a P&ID project.
* Improved task dialog to let users edit P&ID settings if no mapping relationship between P&ID class and Revit family is found.
Vladimír Michl (moderátor)
CAD Studio a.s. - www.cadstudio.cz
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