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philippe JOSEPH
13.12.2012, 08:19
Hello, we have just moved to AutoCAD Mechanical 2012 and there's something that I must have done ( in the OPTIONS settings I presume ) because my other colegues don't have my problem :
When I want to copy/move/etc... an object, I don't have anymore the possibility to do it from any point to an other point in the "absolute X,Y,Z system" but only like I was using the "relative system" ( @X,Y,Z ).
For example, when I want to move back an object to 0,0,0 I type move to 0,0,0 and the object doesn't move at all ( in fact it moves of 0,0,0 ).
When I move an object to the "absolute" position of 10,20,30 it moves of 10,20,30.philippe JOSEPH2012-12-13 08:20:54

Vladimir Michl
13.12.2012, 08:29
Coordinates are considered relative (by default) in the dynamic drawing mode - see the related tip:

philippe JOSEPH
13.12.2012, 10:12
Vladimir über alles !!!! Thanks for all !!!