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04.11.2007, 22:59
Hi there! Im new to this whole forum thingy but I was told it can be very's the story.Im a University student, and as part of the abuse they put us through, we were lucky enough to draw the worst possible title for a presentation we have to do. the title is "Collaborative CAD tools" , not the most intriguing topic we could have had , but that's what we're stuck with.Does anybody out there have the slightest idea what and where I can find anything on this topic?  The little info  we've found so far suggests its all about knowledge sharing and collaboration between designs and designers...but we need more stuff to build on, naturally.Plz Plz let me know if u have heard anything about this! thanks alot!

05.11.2007, 15:17
Here is a link to Autodesk's ver of this type of software hope this helps.

05.11.2007, 15:20
I also found a link to a PDF on the subject.
Hope this helps

05.11.2007, 17:00
thanks a bunch ! this will be great help...