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20.12.2014, 14:06
All,I am new to this forum but am seasoned with CAD (AutoCAD in particular).I have recently upgraded my department to 2015 and have noticed a few odd occurrences.  One nuisance takes place while using a command within model space in a viewport.  After the command is complete, CAD jumps back into paper space. This is an inconsistent occurrence but is annoying nonetheless since a lot of my guys do many revisions direct from the layouts.  Has anyone else had this issue?  I do not know of any setting that would control this.Thx 

John Connor
20.12.2014, 22:35
Can't say I have encountered this particular anomaly although I have been using 2015 since late April.So this behavior can occur while using any command on any drawing that involves working through a paper space viewport?I don't know of any setting that would influence this behavior good or bad.Did you also install the service pack as well?
John Connor2014-12-20 22:36:09