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15.06.2017, 04:14
Does anyone have a 2D drawing of a claw hammer?  You know, the kind a carpenter swings?

John Connor
15.06.2017, 11:52
Find an image like the one attached.  Bring it into AutoCAD then trace it.  The entire process should take less than 10 minutes and that includes time for a coffee break.>

John Connor
15.06.2017, 12:24
This took 6 minutes start to finish using the IMAGEATTACH command to bring the image into AutoCAD, creating a new layer, and using the POLYLINE command to trace over the image plus taking a screen grab.

John Connor2017-06-15 12:25:24

Kent Cooper
16.06.2017, 17:35
This site has more styles of hammers than you could ever want.  They're 3D, but bring one in and FLATTEN it.