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10.03.2014, 18:11
Does anyone have a simple library or kit of parts for typical 3-D systems furniture? I am looking for the Knoll Equity series but I'm sure that anything similar will work also.
I need 3'W x 5'T Panels, 3'W x 40" T panels, 3' x 3' work surfaces, 3' x 3' corner work surfaces, and a 6' D-Top work surface.

John Connor
10.03.2014, 18:32
Did you check the Knoll Ideas Planning Library which has idea starters for AutoCAD, SketchUp and Revit.There is also a Furniture Symbol Library for AutoCAD that offers a plan view and 3D graphics.  Not sure what they mean by 3D graphics but it might be worth checking out.
John Connor2014-03-10 18:56:07

10.03.2014, 18:52
I did and my company doesn't allow downloads from this site.

John Connor
10.03.2014, 19:07
Let me get this straight.  Your company won't allow you to download AutoCAD symbols directly from a manufacturer's website but they will let you go out on the Internet and ask a group of strangers to send you either the exact same thing or something similar?  Does this make any sense?  What if that stranger sent something extra along for the ride with the drawing file like a piece of malware?Your company should rethink its policy about where AutoCAD blocks can and cannot be downloaded from.