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Sonic Max
09.04.2010, 16:02
hello... I am converting my garage into a recording/mastering studio; & adding a shed wing to serve as a control room. I have a basic floor plan, showing the width of the block walls & the door openings... ...& also have drawings of every elevation. All drawings are in perfect scale. I used to use AutoCAD LT, on my old job, but have recently graduated to AutoCAD 2010 Student. &...I used to know how to make simple 3-D drawings in LT...but have long since forgotten (& have no idea where to start in the full program). Is there a simple method for combining my floor plan w/ all the elevations to create a 3-D drawing/renderring of the new studio...??? ('cause...I'm not getting the jist of the help files in this category) thanks very much, Sonic Max
AutoCAD 2010 (SV) Sonic Max2010-04-09 16:03:15

09.04.2010, 18:46
I don't work in 3D, sometimes play.
My work is simple plan and elevation views.
Welcome to the forums and perhaps this link might help a little bit.

Sonic Max
10.04.2010, 00:32
thanks 'n' all...but...
that tutorial is for creating NEW 3D modeling.
what I need to do is take existing drawings of elevations & put them together to form a 3D drawing.
i.e., I have drawings of 4 exterior do I put them together to form a building...???
SMSonic Max2010-04-10 00:33:11

11.04.2010, 19:31
mm i would press/pull or extrude those walls, windows etc. than 3d rotate, move etc. to put them together 

14.04.2010, 12:29
You could achieve a 2.5D drawing by rotating the elevations on there axis and attaching them to the correct positions on the plan lol
Tbh just use the info youíve got on the elevations to extrude the plan etc.
Iíll create a very pretty 3D model for ya for a reduced charge?  ;-)