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philippe JOSEPH
20.03.2014, 07:53
Naayaganv, you have uploaded an AutoCAD 3D file :
My_House1.dwg and it's very good.

Please declare it as 3D in the CAD Block Library.
Use blocks for your "standards" objects.
Do some dimensioning.
Save it in a 3D view for the 2D only AutoCAD users not to be surprised ( aprox. 10% of us are using 3D ).

John Connor
20.03.2014, 11:23
Unfortunately you elected to put everything on Layer 0 which is not a good practice.  You should have a layer for the walls, the roof framing, the fence, doors, windows, and ground for starters.  Your roof framing is incorrect as well.

26.03.2014, 00:24
HI,im new about CAD,im building some kind of machine and now its ready to febricate,is here anyone can help to convert my hand drawings to the 3d auto cad for cash.please let me know if anyone email is -

philippe JOSEPH
26.03.2014, 07:22
Ganes, I'm afraid that we aren't living in a "free" world ( joke ).
2D is cheap, 3D will be much expensive but if you put a hand into it, then you will be able to make a living.
At your age, are you a beginner ? ( not a problem for me ).
Tell us what is your work ( and personal only if you want ) exprerience so that we can help you a little.philippe JOSEPH2014-03-26 07:25:12

John Connor
26.03.2014, 10:36
Ganes: Please stop trying to hijack threads started by other forum members.  Start a new thread!