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03.10.2009, 15:05
hi buddy
i've done 3d drawing in autocad 2010.but the size of that drawing abt not able to even render that drawing.any one can tell me the tip to reduce the file size of that 3d drawing.
all replies are welcome....
some one says scale down the drawing from centimeter to mm.
i've done that too.after that the size was 48mb.but still have the problem to render.can anyone tell me the helpful tip to reduce the size..

21.10.2009, 14:26
have you tryed to block objects or try to purge. 

21.10.2009, 14:40
Have you tried overkill?

29.10.2009, 14:16
Two options, upgrade your hardware as rendering takes a serious amount of processor power, RAM and graphic card spec.  Also try to install a solid state hard drive....all these might or might not work, depending on your overall machine spec and how the 3D model was put together.
You might have too much detail on your model, this can range from simply too much 3D detail, i.e. showing stuff like threads, bolt holes, bolts & nuts, etc. or when you want to show surface details like bump maps, texture and so on.  Lighting also eats processing power and eventually if you ask too much of the machine you'll get either a freeze or sometimes the notorious Autodesk error message or even the BSOD.
Generally a 3D file of that size is actually on the small side, my files tend to be up to 100 mb +.  The machine I use runs Win XP, Nvidia Geforce 8600T g/c with 512 mb on board ram, 2.8 Gig CPU and 4 Gigs Ram and it will take about 12 minutes on a 80 mb file with lots of detail to render.
Hope it gives you some insight.

30.10.2009, 12:54
tray this:file-drawing ulilities-purge-purge all

30.10.2009, 14:29
I'll have to agree with KobusErasmus and say either dumb down the detail (metalic surfaces are killers too), or upgrade your hardware.

02.11.2009, 06:40



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