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18.03.2008, 01:09

I've been having a weird issue when working in 3d in AutoCad 2008.  I've been finding that as I progress, at some point, the drawing will no longer display properly in any visual style other than 2d wireframe.  In Hidden, Conceptual, and Realistic, there is no more "hiding" going on.  I can see all the lines.  I regen, and regen all and redraw but nothing helps.   Also the quality of the image is degraded too, the colors on solids and surfaces are "blocky".Even if i close the drawing, restart the computer and re-open it, the problem still exists.The only way I've found that I can fix it is to open a new file and copy and paste the entire contents from the old file to the new.  Doing a Save-as does not work.  I actually discovered this accidentally when i was trying to determine if it was the version I saved the file in that made a difference. Then i can edit away for a while until it happens again.At first, I thought it was a matter of my graphics card not being able to handle the drawing as it became more detailed, but when I discovered that I could copy the drawing and edit in a new file, it seems that the problem happens after a matter of time (or more likely a certain amount of changes).I've only been working in AutoCad for a couple years doing 2d line drawing for a woodworking shop and I've just recently started working in 3d.  I'm guessing that as I edit the drawing, the way all the changes get stored eventually get to be too much or to "jumbled"  like a hard drive gets fragmented.  Has anyone experienced this or have any insight into this issue.  I guess I'm looking for a way to "clean-up" the drawing file with some auto cad function, rather than copy the drawing into a new file.<<<UPDATE>>>>I think I found what I'm looking for.  The purge feature under File->Drawing Utilities seems to work, but I seem to have to then save, then change the visual style to 2d wireframe and back and then regen/redraw for it to work.I would still appreciate any further insight if anyone has any on this matter.  Thanks<<<END UPDATE>>>Thank you to anyone who can lend some insight,-Brian
nairb1072008-03-18 02:03:08