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13.03.2012, 11:55
hi all,
i have a problem in line.. if i make any inclined line 30 degree then we need no pick the point in acad.. but my pickpoint and angle is overlapping... not get correct angle.

13.03.2012, 12:18
if u know how long is line u can use this lenght , angle like 100,90 makes 100mm long line to angle 90

John Connor
13.03.2012, 17:08
Are you trying to draw a line at a specific length and angle that would be input at the command line?

14.03.2012, 05:50

philippe JOSEPH
14.03.2012, 07:43
Hello, if you want to draw a line length 100 with an angle of 50 from the horizontal you have to type :
Command "line", clic, @100<50.
@ will allow you drawing from any point in your space.
You can find any answer for your basic questions in "F1" ( the help ) or in the PDF files loaded in your C disk ( C\rogram files\Autodesk or AutoCAD\AutoCAD XXXX\Setup\Docs ).
Ask for more...

14.03.2012, 23:35
Philippe has you covered... one additional note I'll add is that the default direction for zero degrees in AutoCAD is due east.  90 degrees is north, 180 degrees west, and 270 degrees south.  You can change that if you want, most of us probably don't.  Angles increase counter clockwise, so keep this in mind anytime you draw a line using the
Line @distance<angle  ex. LINE @100<45d13'12" (or) @100<45.22000
Dave.heinsite2012-03-14 23:36:12

philippe JOSEPH
15.03.2012, 07:39
And you can even change the angles direction clockwise or anti clokwise in the "DDUNITS" panel + values of the angles ( Deg/min/sec or decimal degrees or grades or radians or geodesic units ).
You can also change the values of the distances ( arch. or decimal or fractionary or ing. or scient. ).
The direction for the basic angle is to set in "Direction" etc...