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03.02.2018, 13:32
HELP !!!I am a 5th year civil engineering student and may i ask for a complete architectural plan (if you happen to have one) of a 1-storey residential building? We need it as a basis for our research work. It'll be a great help if you send it to me in autoCAD fil (.dwg). And hopefully it includes the following. PLEASE and Thank You So Much in advance! GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!

John Connor
03.02.2018, 14:27
So, in other words, you have been assigned a project to create, from scratch, a set of plans for a one story residential property but instead of doing the work yourself you want someone here to send you a complete set of plans that they did which, in turn, you will pass off on your teacher as though you did the work.  Is that what you are asking?
By the way, I'm not buying the whole "research" aspect of your request.  I think it is totally bogus.John Connor2018-02-03 14:28:48

03.02.2018, 15:11
I'm really sorry sir if you took it as totally bogus but our research is about processing a building permit (Topic: Building Permit Approval Processing Town Bangui) and one in the checklist in processing a building permit is a set of Architectural Plan. The main purpose of the research is for us to know the process in securing a building permit in our town. Our professor told us that we can ask for plans of the existing building so there will be no hassle. I'm really sorry sir. Hope you'll understand.

John Connor
03.02.2018, 15:33
Then just go down to your local building department and ask to see a set of architectural plans for a one story residence.  Building codes differ from country to country as well as building styles so what may be acceptable in the United States may not be acceptable in the Philippines.You can try look in the CAD blocks section of this website as some forum members have uploaded architectural plans.

John Connor
03.02.2018, 18:23
If you can wait long enough maybe Philippe Joseph will upload everything you need.  He has a soft spot for students.

04.02.2018, 01:30
I've already visited our local building department and had the checklist and some forms needed Sir. Thank Your Sir and God Bless You. I'll try asking some groups for plans. But it has been great to see how my message impacted the forum Sir so the next time I'll ask for help, it won't be like that. I'm really sorry.

philippe JOSEPH
04.02.2018, 10:01
Hello trichortrish an John, yes sometimes I do AutoCAD files for students or others when I can help begining a discussion.Maybe I'm cool with peoples because I did learn AutoCAD nearly on my own with only a week of training in 1995 to begin with AutoCAD and Windows.Unfortunatly I don't know about achitecture and in that case, maybe a 5th year civil engineering student could do the work himself, but maybe we can give advices.Have a nice home work day.P.S. I'm also definitively a 3D AutoCAD fan because I only have this software at work and beacause I think that if you know where to go you don't need biger and more complicated things.

philippe JOSEPH2018-02-04 10:12:54

John Connor
04.02.2018, 12:02
I don't mind helping students but I draw the line (pun intended) at actually doing their assignments for them.  If you aren't going to attend class or do your own assignments it begs the question, "Why did you sign up for university or college in the first place?"