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29.07.2009, 15:30
I have different design software installed on my computer that is used with AutoCAD, i.e. KeySigns and AutoTrack. If I am just wanting to use CAD however it is still trying to load these programs, which is a pain because it takes longer and I wont have the licence dongle plugged in.
Do anyone know how to stop this happening??

30.07.2009, 01:27
Yes you can, You can create a seperate profile  within  Tools>Options Go to the Tab Marked Profile then create a new profile.  After you complete that task. Create a copy of your AutoCAD short Cut Icon on your desk top.  Right click on the icon

On the Windows desktop, right-click the program icon. Click Properties.
In the AutoCAD Properties dialog box, Shortcut tab, under Target, enter /p currentprofile after the current target directory. For example, to make the profile User12 current, enter the following in Target: "c:\Program Files\<current release name>\acad.exe"/p user12
Click OK. The profile name you enter is the current profile each time you start the program.
I am not sure what version of AutoDask product your running. Company I work for We use Civil 3D 2008/2009 and I have 3 icons set up on my desktop where i can use Civil 3D/Vanilla CAD (Basic) / Vanilla CAD with Structural tools loaded only. 
I hope this helps.

31.07.2009, 09:09

heloo,please tell me what is doing KeySigns because after this simple work I can't see exactly what is all about .... thanks