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09.08.2015, 09:07
Can we link autocad dimensions to excel cells so that if we edit the dimension in Autocad it is automatically updated in excel????

09.08.2015, 09:29
Hey darknight,I think You can use autocad table for this purpose. if you are editing the dimensions automatically updated in the autocad table. so use autocad table instead of excel sheet.

24.08.2015, 18:31
Very interesting.

John Connor
24.08.2015, 20:06
[QUOTE=Create]Very interesting.[/QUOTE]How so?  Please elaborate.

11.09.2015, 14:51
I think, Autocad table is called BOM table. Am i right guys?

John Connor
11.09.2015, 14:57
There is a TABLE command in later versions of AutoCAD.  It is NOT called BOM table.