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16.12.2016, 21:32
I'm using AutoCAD 2000.  I know it's really old but I was out of the business for a while and am just starting again.  I am looking for a block of the front or rear view of a car.  Any suggestions of where I would find one that I can open in a 2000 version.  Thanks for any help.

16.12.2016, 23:15
I'm sure you'll find some in the CAD/BIM blocks section.The free DWG TrueView will convert dwg versions (although I'm not a big fan).A search may yield free online solutions.

17.12.2016, 00:58
Thanks, Robert.  I'll try those options.

17.12.2016, 02:17

Robert, Thanks again.  I got TrueView and it works fine.