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07.09.2010, 03:43

I recently started working for an electrical contracting business. I wanted to upgrade their office computers to Windows 7, but AutoCAD2002 which they use is not getting along well with Windows 7. I've done a lot of googling on the subject but never found a solution.AutoCAD will work upon first installing, but once the computer is restarted it gives a fatal error. It will however open if you load a CAD file specifically created in XP.Anyway, I've been trying to sell the idea of them getting a newer version of AutoCAD. They're extremely comfortable with 2002 though, and hesitant in wanting to upgrade. While trying to search for a solution to my previously mentioned problem, I saw some people mention that there are ways of changing the GUI layout so that newer versions look like previous ones.Is there some way I can do this? If so, perhaps they'll upgrade to a more recent version.Edit: Also, if you have experience using AutoCAD 02 and a more up to date version, I'd be interested to hear your experiences in the transition and how difficult or easy it was.
OrbitzXT2010-09-07 03:52:12

07.09.2010, 16:50
If you are using Windows7 home premium then you may need to install an addon called "windows XP mode" which can be downloaded from the Windows Update website.  If you are using Windows 7 Professional etc.. then you may need to run a compatibility check and run in XP compatibility mode.  

08.09.2010, 00:24
I tried the compatibility modes already and they don't have to make 2002 any more stable. The others having the same problem as myself had no luck with it either. At this point I'm past wanting to fix it and just trying to sell the idea of using a more recent version to my boss. So is there a way to make a newer version look and feel more like 02?

Lithium Sunset
08.09.2010, 15:32

Autocad LT2011 (and possibly ACAD 2011) has a feature called Classic Workspace, which will fulfill your needs for the 'older look' and functionality.  I did however read that this feature will not be available in future versions, but I may be wrong.I will also add that ACAD 2002 is a very capable version and there is no need to upgrade to the latest version.Lithium Sunset2010-09-08 15:34:53

08.09.2010, 15:50

[QUOTE=Lithium Sunset]
I will also add that ACAD 2002 is a very capable version and there is no need to upgrade to the latest version.[/QUOTE]I disagree. Technology continues to move forward, and if you're not willing to move along with it, you will be left in the dust. You can continue using older software, but you are missing out on all the new features and functionality that helps to steamline workflows and simplify tasks, making it easier to be more productive. And if you're updating your computer to the latest and greatest operating system, the older software is not supported and is not fully compatible which leads to instability, crashes and lots of headaches.In my opinion, it's a good idea to upgrade at least once every 5 years. It's a very wise investment.

Lithium Sunset
08.09.2010, 16:18
I should have added the following caveat to my 'no need to upgrade' suggestion: 'if it is already doing all that you want it to do, then you don't need to upgrade'.  I remember customizing an older version with Lisp routines, some of that functionality did get included into the later versions, but if it means saving $$$$ then I stand by my statement :-).  You can make 2002 do almost anything with Lisp etc. and not spend a penny.I do agree 2002 is after all almost 10 years old and as Cad64 says upgrading every 5 years is not a bad idea, provided you have the cash!Cheers..

09.09.2010, 12:59
My boss is just a busy guy is all. 2002 does what he needs and he doesn't really have extra time on his hands to sit down with a new version and get familiar with it. I talked to him about this though and he seems to be softening up to the idea. I suspect by 2020 we'll finally upgrade to AutoCAD 2004. 

09.09.2010, 15:51
Well, regardless of whether he's busy or not, your old version of Autocad is not working. I would recommend either downgrading your operating system back to XP or upgrade to Autocad 2011. I don't know any other way to get you back on track. I'm sure your boss got his money's worth with 2002. The program is 10 years old. It's time to make an investment in the company and upgrade.Since Autocad 2002 has been retired and is no longer supported, you can get in on Autodesk's Legacy Program and save up to 30% on your purchase of 2011. See here: