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18.12.2014, 04:18

When I click the ACAD icon on my desktop to open a session of AutoCAD, the program seems to open ok, but once the screen and menus load, there are no crosshairs, and I can not type anything in the command line or use the menu at the top of the screen. My mouse arrow moves around the screen fine, but I can't click on anything. I tried to do a repair with the disk, but I get the folloing message during the installation process: Access is denied: C:\Users\<my name>\ApData\Local\Temp\_AIA.tmp\Setup.exe /s E:\/Media /SecondRun Anyone know what might cause this and how I might fix it? FYI I'm running Windows Vista.

John Connor
18.12.2014, 11:35
This problem just appeared out of nowhere?  What did you do before the problem occurred?  Did you attempt a REINSTALL?Do you have admin rights?