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29.07.2009, 11:51
Hello!I just downloaded one hour ago and installed AutoCAD 2010 trial. I need urgently to create graph in AutoCAD. I'd like to learn AutoCAD from professional course-book but now at this moment :). Now I need to create five simple 2D railway schemes.I just created rail with some basic elements and changed all the elements into one block. I wanted to change it into something like background (with thiner lines or gray not black or anything like this) but I didn't know how. This is basic scheme of the rail which will be background to five different schemes.LAYERS. I also know there are layers (because I see this word layer in some places in this AutoCAD) but I don't know how to create new layer. I've got one default layer. I create new element - one of options is to choose which layer it is. I'd like to change this layer no. 0 into the other one but there is only this default layer available. I entered "New" but I don't see any option "Create new layer".height - wys, width - szerLINE WIDTH. I created line (it is one of those specific elements for first of five graphs). I though - OK, I don't know how to change layers or create background with the basic graph. So let me change width of all specific elements to bigger value. I create line, click double on it, I choose in "General" -> "Width" (I guess it is width because I use different language version) and I change value from 0 to 10. Unfortunately line is not bolder (doesn't have bigger width). I also noticed there is other value (that first one which I noticed was let's say width with value to be written; this other option which I noticed is list with graphically shown different width lines), let's call it "second width" because I have no idea how these two words are distinguished in English version. I changed also this value but the line is still as thin as it was. How to change line width?ELECTRONIC SYMBOLS. How to add symbol of voltage source (circle with little symbol of sine wave inside it)?OTHER SYMBOLS. And how to create let's say five periods of sinusoidal wave with arrow on its end?POINT. How to create little point? I tried to create circle but I couldn't change colour inside the circle. So I tried to change its width (as explained in "line width") but I couldn't as well.ENVIRONMENT. How to hide these lines X-Y arrow which are all the time in the middle of the graph?WIDTH OF LINES IN THE BLOCK. Can I change width of lines which are already parts of the created block?ENVIRONMENT - POINTS. When I create something, the environment "helps" me to place it properly and it glues it to already existing elements. How can I disable this option (temporarily, I guess maybe it is some kind of shortcut)?Thanks very much for your help :-)Greetings!