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22.03.2012, 07:56

hey guys. Is there any AutoCAD 2011 unfold tool? I managed to find w way to do it through another app, however while export/import-ing the scale changes so I have to scale till I get the initial dimensions.... If you knoe where to get this plug-in pleeeease share the link .... I really neede and the sooner the better.... THX!!< ="text/" ="" ="/B1D671CF-E532-4481-99AA-19F420D90332/netdefender/hui/ndhui.js?0=0&0=0&0=0">

archiheart2012-03-22 14:15:54

Vladimir Michl
22.03.2012, 08:05
You can try the way through 3ds Max - see:
or a professional add-on tool like: