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18.07.2014, 06:05
Hi, I heard from a colleague that Autocad 2015 will not be able to savedown to lower versions.
Is this true? I can't imagine that Autodesk would do that since it would create all sorts of problems in the office where all of us are using different versions of Autocad.
I don't have it so I can't check it out for myself.
Would appreciate if anyone with Autocad 2015 would be able to verify or nullify that.

John Connor
18.07.2014, 12:10
Whoever told you that was an idiot.  I have 2015 running this very minute and have verified users can do a "save as" in DWG file format all the way back to r14/LT97/LT98 and DXF file format all the way back to r12/LT2.  Don't believe everything you hear.