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02.02.2011, 11:01
Hi all,
I'd like to ask for help with the following. I'm not new to Autocad, but I don't use 3D very often. I've been asked to try to calculate volume of a solid that is not as simple as it seems. I managed to draw it as 3D faces but I'm not able to create solid out of it so that I could get the volume.
Here is simplified solid description:
Bottom polygon with 5 sides in one plane. The same top polygon above but each corner with different height (z coordination).
(This is a roof layout and the top ploygon represents insulation in slope. The exercise is to calculate amount of water the roof could carry.)
I have access to 2006 & 2011
thank you for any suggestion

John Connor
02.02.2011, 12:06
Can you post the drawing so we could take a look at it?

02.02.2011, 12:24
I have found solution I think (based on this video I found ) 
I have created sides by "loft" command. Than the diffcult top capping by "patch" (althought it is not exact shape but fairly similar), than bottom surface, and "monted together by the "sculpt" command. Now I have the solid.
I dont have a clue how would I do it in 2006, but 2011 does the job.
>John, this is the pic:

John Connor
02.02.2011, 13:09
Thanks for the image.  Not as all as I pictured it.  Looks like you solved it all on your own.  Good job.