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Moley DG
03.02.2016, 20:40

Hi,New to setting up autcad and new to this forum - hope I can get simple help !  I need to set up A3 and A4 drawing templates, drawing railings, gates etc 1 to 1. Will edit the templates to suit my business, but a starter would be great. Also, any advice on printer set ups would be, do I have the drg details in 'model space' and the frame in'paper space'? Maybe there is a simple general guide for real plonkers that I can refer to? I'm not bad at doing simpledrafting, but setting drgs up is new to me.Thanks!!!!

John Connor
03.02.2016, 23:46
I have access to a series of metric templates that are in a zip file.  All I need is an email.Everything you draw should be created in model space at FULL size no matter how small (i.e. - postage stamp) or how large (i.e. - Buckingham Palace).  As for the frame, I assume you are talking about the title block and border, most users these days put that in a paper space layout and not in model space which leaves text and dimensions.  That's a coin toss.  Personally I think it is easier to put both in the layout but some will argue that one should be using annotative scaling.  Try both and decide for yourself.  It may all come down to what type of drawing(s) you're doing.

philippe JOSEPH
04.02.2016, 07:27

uploads/175428/_PRO2012.dwgHello Molley DG, please find here an example, take a look at it and tell me ( us ) if that's what you need.
Eventually, take a look at the related Tip here under : Tip 6246 New drawing with template selection

philippe JOSEPH2016-02-04 07:32:34

Moley DG
04.02.2016, 09:57

Thanks question, how do I email you or send private message? I am an old school designer struggling with these fantastic, mental machines!

John Connor
04.02.2016, 11:45
In your next post just type your email like the example below so it is not picked up by a bot.m y e m a i l a d d y AT g m a i l DOT c o mI'll send you an email with the zip file attached.