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23.12.2014, 03:24
Hello,I am having an issue with the lookup table in AutoCAD 2014. The table won't open, or is not visible, when trying to edit it through the Block Editor. Otherwise, the lookup action is operating correctly. When I try to open the table nothing pops up. I can't see the window elsewhere on the screen. Clicking anywhere produces an error sound until i hit escape  to get out of the (invisible) lookup table window. I have this issue with other blocks in different files. Has anyone seen this, or similar issues? Any further recommendations for troubleshooting?Thanks!Jordan Woods-WahlAutoCAD 2014 NLM, windows 7

John Connor
23.12.2014, 12:25
It's possible that the reason the lookup table doesn't show up is because there are two grips on top of one another meaning the grip for the lookup table is being hidden by another grip.
John Connor2014-12-23 12:57:50

23.12.2014, 15:13
Only one grip for the table. Nothing shows up behind it.  Having this issue when I create a new block and a new lookup in a new file. So, maybe its something system related.

John Connor
23.12.2014, 15:17
Or maybe you are doing something wrong.I can't think of any variables that would affect the display of the lookup table.  If you think it is system related then you might try a REPAIR (not an uninstall/reinstall!) of AutoCAD.

23.12.2014, 15:34
Something is affecting the display of the lookup table. It's like the window is popping up somewhere and I can't find it to click on it.I can't find a system variable either. Thanks for the help though!

John Connor
23.12.2014, 15:51
Zoom > Extents?

23.12.2014, 16:04
Repair didn't resolve the issue. I'm going to do a re install later today.

John Connor
23.12.2014, 16:22
There is a recommended procedure you should follow posted at the AutoDesk website.

30.06.2015, 13:55
Hi,Did anybody find any answer to this problem, I seem to have the same thing..Koen

John Connor
30.06.2015, 14:22
The OP recreated the block.