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28.05.2017, 08:04
Hello this is my first post, i am looking to convert the attached autocad file to script so i will be able to use the commands to convert to php in order to output and download again the schematic as dxf file. uploads/729122/MDB1.dwg

Kent Cooper
30.05.2017, 15:18

Rather than going by way of PHP, can you just make a .DXF file of it directly with AutoCAD's own tools for that?  That is, use SAVEAS and choose the DXF file format?  Or the equivalent DXFOUT [not documented in Help for later versions, but still there]? If not, do you mean the same thing by "script" as AutoCAD does?  [It has a specific meaning in AutoCAD, but I have known people to use it in a more generic way.]  A Script [.SCR] file could presumably be written that would draw that drawing again, but it would be a powerfully long Script, and it's hard to imagine how to automate the conversion from the .DWG file, since no record is kept of the command sequence, only the resulting drawing entities.  But if the only reason you want to do that is to end up with a .DXF file, see the first paragraph.