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29.09.2015, 16:13
Howdy mates,I am trying to draw a line in autocad however when clicking on line and I mouseclick it puts down an angle and at the end of the line when I click it puts down another angle...In short I need your help to draw a line, I feel completely retarded however it is facts... I cannot draw a line in autocad even if my life depended on it, I know cause I tried to draw my first line for 9 days in a row now...I used autocad a lot some 17 years ago and I found some choices of orthos asf down right toolbar, tried disabling everything disabling the blue highlights...I dropped a picture down and I would like to trace it with autocad, however 9 full days work and I have not been able to draw a line seriously makes me doubt my sanityAny help would be utmost welcome mates!/Trixshooter

John Connor
29.09.2015, 16:15
Is this line supposed to be horizontal, vertical or diagonal?Sounds like you also have a bad case of "clickitis".  For all you know you disabled a feature that could have benefited you.  Do you have a good after-market AutoCAD book?  Have you viewed any tutorials?
John Connor2015-09-29 16:17:56

29.09.2015, 22:38
Mousclick puts down a randomly sized horisontal line and at the right end it extends vertically downwards like a fourth of the horisontal line, the size seems to depend upon the placement of the previous clicked down "angle".That was what I meant each mouseclick draws an "angle" upon left clicking...As far as knowledge goes not much, I'm rusty...I used Autocad daily the first year at architect gymnasium,after that I used the 2008 version maybe half a year helping a friend out transferring drawings to dxf format for his plasma cnc cutter pherhaps 35hrs/week.Yes you can call me clickitus or anything really because I totally agree that I have to be a stupid sob having this problem...I should in all modesty mention I tried the settings one by one back and forth 10hrs daily of the first 9 days, THEN my patience ran out and I just clicked everything praying to the almighty powers to spare whatever sanity I had left...But clickitus yes, I am extremely close to parking my brand new Lenovo gift in the garbage can so any comments to bad patience and lesser gifted is proven truth by now...I AM TRYING TO DRAW AN EFFIN LINE FOR F'S SAKE, one single line to start with!!! Is that to much to ask the gods of Autocad?Sorry 11:th day now and I'm surely loosin it *flebelebeleb*Im on the 14th hour still trying to draw my first line... Ill give it a couple of more hrs before I take a break, gotta solve this../Gone nuts ;)

John Connor
29.09.2015, 23:20
So you don't have a book and it appears you did not take advantage of any of the free online tutorials that are available or look at any of the numerous YouTube videos available.  Instead of blaming the program you might want to take a look in the mirror.  This sounds like a classic case of OIE (Operator Induced Error).Let's do a test drawing.Start a new drawing.Enable Orthomode by clicking on the F8 key.  Look at the command line when you do this.  AutoCAD will tell you if this feature has been turned off or on.Now, start the Line command and when prompted to specify a point pick somewhere in the lower left hand corner of your screen.  STOP!After you have made your pick AutoCAD prompts you to pick the next point (and will continue to do so until the cows come home or you decided you have drawn enough lines and want to do something else).Drag the mouse such that the onscreen line "rubberbands" to the right then LET GO OF YOUR MOUSE.  Yes, you read that correctly.At the command line type the number "3" then hit the Enter key.  The result should be a horizontal line 3 units long.Drag the mouse upwards.  STOP!  At the command line type the number "2" then hit the Enter key.Drag the mouse to the left.  STOP!  At the command line type the number "3" then hit the Enter key.Now type the letter "C" (for Close) then hit the Enter key.  The result should be a rectangular box that is 3 x 2 units.  You have now ended the Line command.  If you want to draw more lines then just hit the Enter key and the last command used will be repeated. Were you able to do this?  Yes or no?This is but one of several ways to create a line.Now, temporarily pull yourself away from AutoCAD and go the the following website:mycadsite.comIt is one of a handful of websites that offers FREE AutoCAD tutorials.  Start reading then practice what you have read.  Got it?  Good.  GO!

John Connor2015-09-30 19:41:54

John Connor
29.09.2015, 23:27
Sweden?I assume you will want to be using metric units at some point.  Did you know that the default AutoCAD drawing file template (acad.dwt) is set to use decimal inches?  If you want to draw in millimeters I'd suggest choosing the acadiso.dwt template instead.  It should be on the list of available templates when you start a new drawing.One last thing.  You said you were trying to trace a drawing.  Is this "drawing" something you brought into AutoCAD perhaps using the PDFATTACH or IMAGEATTACH command?  I have a request of you.  Upload the drawing to a file sharing website like DropBox and when I have a chance I'll download it and take a look.  If an attachment of some kind has been made include a copy of it on DropBox as well so I have everything you are working with.Now calm down and relax a bit.  You aren't doing yourself any favors by having a stroke over this.  There is a solution trust me.
John Connor2015-09-29 23:42:10

30.09.2015, 00:27
Suddenly it works... dunno how why or anything...Took me 28 mins to draw a detailed 3D model of The Millenium Falcon...Thank you for your time and effort mates, I am sorry for flaming but I worked so much with Autocad that I wanted to solve the problem without book or online tutorials, but I had to throw  in the towel and ask you experts why I got this phenomenon.I can't beleive it just... started working?!?Anyway mates, THANKS!!!I will share the artpiece as thanks as soon as it is finished! (It will not be a miniature of the Millenium Falcon thats just warming up, expect something way cooler mates ;)Appreciate your input mates!/Trix

John Connor
30.09.2015, 00:37
You created a true 3D model of the Millenium Falcon in 28 minutes?  Either you are quite the tall tale teller or whatever you drew it was not in 3D.  If it took you 14 hours to finally draw a line for the first time I highly doubt you created a complex 3D model in 28 minutes.  But seeing is believing isn't that what they say?  Show us.

John Connor
30.09.2015, 14:40
You drew a "detailed 3D model" of this in 28 minutes?  This I've got to see.

John Connor
01.10.2015, 00:25
I guess we aren't going to be seeing that 3D model any time soon are we?