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10.05.2017, 03:58

Hi, I am new at this forum stuff but maybe someone can help me. I have AutoCAD LT 2011 and I just purchased a new computer. The computer store installed the AutoCAD LT with the registration serial numbers etc but it is "read only". I was told that AutoCAD does not support this version any longer. Can anyone tell me what I need to do? Thank you very much.

John Connor
10.05.2017, 11:27
What do you mean AutoCAD LT 2011 is "read only"?  Are you saying that when you open a drawing AutoCAD is telling you it is "read only"?And yes, you are correct, AutoCAD 2011 is not supported under the latest Microsoft Windows OS.  That doesn't mean however that it can't be made to run; it will just take a bit more effort.  You aren't the only person to ever attempt to run an older version of AutoCAD using a newer OS.

John Connor2017-05-10 13:21:46

15.05.2017, 01:54

Hi John,Thanks for the response. We did get it going. The old computer had the same operating system and the AutoCAD loaded fine five years ago when it was put into service.  

John Connor
15.05.2017, 12:02
The OS on the new computer is the same as the OS on the old computer yet the old computer is five years old.  I guess you elected to not have Windows 10 installed on the new computer.  Is that correct?  What OS is being used?

15.05.2017, 16:01

 Hi John,The new computer got Windows 7 installed and I do not remember why they did it. I also had BobCad a cad cam software, installed at the same time. This is the first time we bought a computer and had it set up for us almost completely. I think they used 7 to minimize the transition for me with the cad cam. The BobCad works great  but when I opened Autocad it notified me it was "read only". When I made a change I could not save it in any way. My wife suggested saving the folders (not opened) as a "save as" on a different path and that worked. On that path I can operate it as usual except I must go thru "my documents" rather than "program files". This is used only as part of my hobby shop. I am 77 years old and I build and fly rc airplanes and I am building a 1/8 scale live steam locomotive form scratch. I have a CNC milling machine and other machines. I was using AutoCAD and another CAM software long before I got the BobCad. These two did not talk to one another. My locomotive project is 95% finished and is all in AutoCAD which is why I want to keep it going. I can design a part and send it to BobCad and machine it on the CNC. Some of the locomotive files are very large and Bobcad likes smaller simple parts only to be imported. Thanks again  

John Connor
15.05.2017, 16:33
Folders that are marked read only can have their attribute changed.  If you are 77 years old you should remember that from your old DOS days.