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27.01.2016, 01:11

 How can I find the Pr4oduct ID for  AutoCAD for use in Windows 10 Registry Editing. I have uninstalled AutoCAD 2016 and need to reinstall it but it keeps showing AutoCAD already installed. I can do this by deleting Hot_key entries in the registry but I need the AutoCAD 2016 Product ID Any suggestions please.Peter 

John Connor
27.01.2016, 11:44
Why wouldn't you go to the source to find what you need?

27.01.2016, 23:59

Hi John,Thanks for the reply. I tried the link you gave but it only refers to Autodesk up to 2014. I looked around the site but I can't find anything for 2016. Can you be more specific please.Thanks Peter

John Connor
28.01.2016, 11:34
Must have inserted the wrong one.  Still you could have found this on your own by searching on..."autocad 2014"+"product id"

28.01.2016, 12:58
The IDs are also on this page -

28.01.2016, 21:57
@LatCh - Is this the updated list tho? 

02.02.2016, 04:09
?tất cả trong nóBạn cần đăng ký để nhận được nó

John Connor
02.02.2016, 11:57
[QUOTE=hoangtruyhan]?tất cả trong nóBạn cần đăng ký để nhận được nó[/QUOTE]And how exactly is this supposed to solve the OP's problem?