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26.01.2016, 13:58
Hello you all,I have an question to an Text Style in autocad 2015 Mac ( If you only know it for Windows its also okay). I had this Text Style in one autocad file which i liked very much. It's just a little detail, but i hope somebody can help my to find the place where I can change it again in an other file.You can see it on the picture. Its just that the letters are filled Grey and the border is black.Thank you,Gianni

philippe JOSEPH
26.01.2016, 14:11

Hello Gianni123, if OK on your MAC you can copy/paste that particular dimension into an other file and set the DDIM style on that one to place others dimensions or copy the properties on existing ones.In any case you should set "proto" settings on any file that you begin.Each company is suposed to give a "proto" file with all the settings : lines, dimension styles, tittle blocks, etc...If you lauch the command DDIM you will have access to the settings of each dimension styles that you have in your file ( including the color of the text ).

John Connor
26.01.2016, 14:21
Re: proto.  Are you referring to a custom template?
John Connor2016-01-26 14:21:48

26.01.2016, 16:08
Hi thank you! I think it will work with the copy of the Dimension style, but what i was thinking about was to find the place where i can turn it on off. Like an command...."border on" or sth like this in the text options.And its not the text which belongs to the dimension only which gets this border, its also the normal Text... So could it be in a text style Menu?And im not really sure what you meant with custom template John, but I don't need an template for every file. It's just for one detail plan im drawing currently. 

John Connor
26.01.2016, 16:14
My question was to Philippe.  Most people would not recognize "proto" as a substitute for "template".I've never encountered a text style with a "border" (your terminology) that can be turned on and off.  Anyways, AutoCAD for Mac probably has some fonts that wouldn't necessarily be found on a Windows based machine.  Maybe the font you have pictured above is one such font.
John Connor2016-01-26 16:17:31

philippe JOSEPH
27.01.2016, 07:24

Yes John, I use "proto" for Template as I don't use DWT file but a "read only" file each time I begin a drawing.Also as we are working with the customer's layers, tittle blocks... the Template is not always the same.Gianni if you want to modificate a batch of dimensions you can go to DDIM and do that modification to be operated on each entity that belongs to that dimension style provide that property hasn't been modified individually on some dimensions.In that case you will have to modify the dimension style and launch the command MATCHPROP on the dimensions eventually not affected by your modification.