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29.04.2009, 06:23
I have just installed AutoCAD 2010 and have used the pdf maker several times since, but there are a couple of drawings that when it goes through the plot process of making a pdf then automatically open Adobe it then has an error opening the document. The error is 135.
I still have the older AutoCAD 2009 on my computer and it is fine with making pdf's from these drawings.
I appreciate the enhanced features of these 2010 pdf files but need to overcome my problem.
Can anyone help with my problem ?

29.04.2009, 06:44
what is your Adobe Reader version? It seems lower Adobe version have issues open PDFs when it contains URl links or some images. Adobe 9.1 is ready for update, you can get a try. By the way, is there any common places of your failed drawings.
Sean 16:54:17

29.04.2009, 07:09
Adobe 7.0 on the Network where I work.
Excuse my ignorance, what is a drawing common ?
 alliegaeta2009-04-29 07:20:44

29.04.2009, 07:31
My appology, any similarity of your drawings which was created into PDF and failed to open. BTW, if you could post it and I can try open in Adobe Reader 9 and see if it still reports error here.
 SeanFtS2009-06-07 16:54:51

29.04.2009, 23:54
Thanks for the replys !
I followed your suggestion and forwarded the faulty pdf's on to a workmate, his computer has the new Adobe Professional 9.0
The same error message came up.
Strange how if I open AutoCAD 2009 and create pdf's from the same drawings that these pdf's are fine.
I have tried several changes to settings in printer/plotter properties but that has not worked either.
It has only happened with a few drawings out of many
I am open to suggestions