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02.09.2010, 10:35

I'm unable to view Annotation call outs in paper space.  The tags are fully editable in model space but no matter what I try to do I cannot get them to display.  Can anyone offer advice on how to do this?  I also need advice on how to switch between Floor Spaces/Levels, I know the Project Navigator displays the levels, but how do I switch between each?

barrys2010-09-02 13:31:17

08.09.2010, 15:45
Type ANNOALLVISIBLE at your command line, then set it=1
I hope it works. This is an AutoCAD variable, don't know if it works in Autodesk Architecture

08.09.2010, 21:26
Excellent it works.  Many Thanks!

09.09.2010, 01:00
You're welcome