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25.05.2009, 16:00
Hello !

I am using AutoCad 2006, and recently I have come to know about an "AutoLisp" command please tell me that what is it and what is its function please. How can it helps me in civil drawings?



Vladimir Michl
25.05.2009, 16:04
AutoLISP is not a command but an "API" - a programming interface where you can develop your own commands and add-on applications for AutoCAD. Most of the AutoCAD addon applications available here on the Download page have been developed in AutoLISP.

25.05.2009, 19:32
I work doing Civil design and I use several dozen autolisp programs to help me do the following:
1. Count Linear footage of proposed sewer lines, waterlines, or contour lines to get the slope of a project.
2. I use a Measure Along a Curve to help create parking lots that are based on curves.
3. a quick way to auto number parking spaces, lots, or landscaping.
4. Converting circles to polylines, or converting splines to plines.
these are just sdome that I use.  They are very handy.