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14.08.2015, 14:21
Hi,AutoCAD 2012 stopped unexpectedly this morning and sent a crash report to Autodesk.After rebooting the PC and starting AutoCAD again, the ribbon is blank and just has text telling me , "The Ribbon does not have any tabs or panels currently loaded"I can get the Menu Bar to show and I can open drawings. But there is nothing in the ribbon. All menu drop downs work and I can use tools via the drop down menus.Anyone have any ideas please, or is this going to be a re-install of the software?Cheers,Lee

John Connor
14.08.2015, 14:25
Some suggestions here.
John Connor2015-08-14 14:26:22

14.08.2015, 14:37
Solved thanks you...Tools, Workspaces, AutoCAD Classic.Then switched back to Drafting & Annotation.Closed & restarted and the ribbon opens as it should.Thank you!