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01.02.2011, 03:04
Burning question...
I had a block definition that i've inserted into my drawing multiple times.I added an editable attribute to the block definition, but when I did so, the blocks that were inserted previously did not update with the editable attribute attached.... It appears that the editable attribute will only be assigned to blocks which are inserted after the attribute is assigned... is this true?
Please help!

01.02.2011, 10:48

01.02.2011, 21:15
HelloI'm also VERY new to AutoCAD (2005 LT) and have a similar problem.  In my case, I updated the attribute to be larger (height) so that could read the drawings better.  All of the blocks I had put down previously did NOT update the size of the attribute in each of those instances.  I really do NOT want to put down 100 or so of these instances again while re-adding the attribute values for each.  argh.The command "ATTSYC" is "unknown" in my version of AutoCAD 2005 LT.  Any other work arounds? Thanks for any help you can give.jom

01.02.2011, 21:46
Try [CMD]ATTREDEF[/CMD].Good Luck!!

01.02.2011, 21:48
OOPS!! Command not available in AutoCAD LT.Sorry, that's one of the benefits to owning the full version.

02.02.2011, 14:32
Same problem
ATTSYNC in LT since 2010.