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31.01.2011, 16:28
Hi guys,
I am trying to update some drawings, but I am running into some problems with the border being on different layout tabs.  There are a few features I'd like the routine to contain.  Here are the issues that I'm facing:
1)I have borders Border1 OR Border2 in many layout tabs that I'd like to change with BorderN.  At the same time, I want to transfer the attribute from each either Border1 (if exist) or Border2 (if exist) onto the new BorderN using the MTB routine.
2) Is there a way to check if the layerstate "DEFAULT" is created?  If it exists, I'd like to be able to delete it before creating it.  And after I move everything from 0,0 to "@2<194", I'd like to delete that DEFAULT layerstate. 
3) How do you check if the insertion of Border1 OR 2 is at 0,0?  This will need to apply to all layout tabs as mentioned in #1.  If the insertion of Border1 or 2 is not at 0,0, I'd like to move it along with everything to 0,0.
Thank you.  Any assistance in any or all part of this routine would greatly be appreciated.