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Sriramoju SOmeshwar
15.03.2014, 08:04
I got a site plan covering larger extent of land prepared by a SketchUp. The plan consists of contours and roads marked. Though it looks like a flat (2D) drawing, from the plan view all the coordinates has (Z) value. Because the plan drawing is derived from a 3D contour plan created by another software used by SketchUp to AutoCAD. My exercise is to prepare (2D) plan drawings of buildings to be erected on site. After drawing individual building plans I found it difficult to place them on the site plan as it has lines with 3D coordinates. If I could bring all these (z) values to (0) value, I can utilize the same site plan to place my new objects. My requirement is only to place my drawings on a plan view and I do not want 3D lines of the site any more. I appreciate if you could guide me to over come this problem. Thank you. i hav tried flatten command.. but no useuploads/362779/new_block.dwgif possible, u can help with above file uploaded...its very importnat 

18.03.2014, 16:29
Sorry Sriramoju SOmeshwar I was just trying to help.I must have missed something so I have taken down the drawing.

rs_higgins2014-03-18 22:27:42

John Connor
18.03.2014, 17:05
Someshwar: FYI-There are objects in the drawing from RS that are still not at elevation 0.00.
John Connor2014-03-18 17:36:19