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21.05.2012, 18:46
Everybody check out this new website! It offers instant autocad help!! 

21.05.2012, 21:05
All I will say is, good luck with that.

John Connor
21.05.2012, 22:54

Do you know why AutoCAD users frequent sites like the CADforum, The Swamp, CADTutor, CAD Everything, AUGI and the AutoDesk forums dude?  Because...they...are...FREE!  People like free stuff.  They don't like paying for stuff even if it is $5 a week.Who are some of these CAD "experts" that will answer questions instantly?  And how "instant" is "instant" anyway?  If I'm in India and it is 3 PM and I have a question is someone at CadChat really going to be standing by their phone or computer waiting to answer my cry for help?

John Connor2012-05-21 23:02:38

21.05.2012, 22:59
> What's the benefit?That will always depend on who you ask.

My dad used to say that, "Even a bare hook will snag a fish once in a while."


John Connor
22.05.2012, 12:11
How many fish did your dad catch using that piece of sage advice?  One?I guess your dad did not like drowning worms?  Is that why he took up hunting?

22.05.2012, 21:25
Many, actually.  There is (or was) an annual migratory run of some type of fish on a river into Lake Michigan years ago where "snagging" with bare hooks was the only method of fishing allowed.  I never went with him on those trips... I had long moved out on my own by then.
But he drowned a lot of worms, baitfish, and artificial tackle along the way too. 

23.05.2012, 17:20
Mr. Connor, CaddChat is completely free via CommunityChat. Being that we are new we are still testing the waters, we greatly appreciate your constructive criticism. Be assured that we are taking your comments into consideration. Thanks, CaddChat

John Connor
23.05.2012, 18:06

Why duplicate the wheel?  How many more CAD help sites do we need?  What is the advantage to utilizing your CommunityChat over other sites?  If people want to just "chat" then there are other avenues open to them.I find your claims of "instant AutoCAD help" to be dubious at best.  I'd venture to say that CaddChat cannot make good on that claim.

John Connor2012-05-23 18:18:16

John Connor
23.05.2012, 18:19

So what does it take to become a member of this exclusive community at CaddChat?  Tried the Membership area but visitors are told it is "under construction".  If the site is not complete why roll it out this soon?I see you offer training seminars.  Are they web-based?Where are you guys located?  Will there be specific discussion forums or will any/all topics be discussed in one big "community" room?Can you name some of these "experts" you have on staff to instantly answer our questions?  What are their "credentials" (i.e. - what entitles them to be calling themselves experts)?  Inquiring minds want to know.John Connor2012-05-23 18:23:03

23.05.2012, 18:22
Then try me. 

John Connor
23.05.2012, 18:23

Then try me?Can you first answer any of the questions I put forth in my previous post?  They should be simple to answer.By the way, you have some typos where you talk about CAD seminars.  Seminar and business are both misspelled in the body of the paragraph.  That does not reflect well on a site that claims to have experts in a number of different programs including MS Office.  Just an observation.One more thing, the words "Half Day" do not have to be capitalized given the context within which they are being used.Jeez, another one, right at the beginning.  There is this:"We have experts in available to help you..."  should read "We have experts available to help you..."The word "effectively" is misspelled as "effectivly".

John Connor2012-05-24 11:40:23

John Connor
24.05.2012, 11:38

No information forthcoming? I went and visited Caddchat this morning and there doesn't seem to be much in the way of any activity.  How does one get help with a question?Are there going to be different forums set up like there are here and at other CAD help sites?If I post a question, assuming I can find where to do so, how do I follow it and the replies it might generate?Do members get to use avatars, have a signature, create a profile?Is there a members list?  If so where is it?Will there be moderators?  If so how will they be identified?If one person has a question about AutoCAD and another a question about Microsoft Excel are the questions co-mingled?Truthfully, I'm not all that impressed with the site.  I think it needs more work and you were premature in rolling it out.I keep trying to give CaddChat the benefit of the doubt today (Thursday) but I am still unimpressed.  I've been to the website now four times this morning yet it remains as quiet as a cemetery.  How is this site supposed to work?  Maybe I missed something in your explanation.  Please elaborate on the idea behind the site and how it is supposed to function.  Thanks.

John Connor2012-05-24 17:34:34

John Connor
25.05.2012, 12:04
I think CaddChat has given up.No further responses to questions here and there does not seem to be any kind of response or activity at the CaddChat website.  Busted!

John Connor
25.05.2012, 12:10

That was quick.  Here today and gone tomorrow.I used the link you posted because I thought I had typed in the web address incorrectly.  I get a "Sorry, this page was not found" as a response.  I know it was there last night as I checked.  There did not appear to be any activity.  What happened to the next great thing?  I was looking forward to testing some of your experts with my questions or chatting with you about all things cad and MS Office.  Well?Let us know when you get CaddChat back up.  We'll give the site a good testing to make sure it functions properly.  We'll also look it over for spelling errors and such.  You might want to include more detailed information on how the site is supposed to work and think about including specific sub-forums so everything does not get mashed together.  You might want to include content that will draw visitors (something besides just chatting about CADD) such as custom lisp routines, free blocks (2D and 3D), tutorials, etc.My last check of proved to be a bust.  The page was not found.  I think CaddChat died a quick death.  Let us have a moment of silence. So, who wants to go for a beer?

John Connor2012-05-25 19:04:06

30.06.2012, 06:10
hi friend,

I want to ask about some of my problem in my AutoCAD here. I am using 2007 version of CAD. I got some problem. Metion below:-
In Layout space v make viewports to adjust any view. I adjusted one view in viewport by MV command. Now I want to rotate the viewport in vertical direction but it is not rotating. I know the simple command of Rotate can do this but here its not working. When I give the command of Rotate and select the pick point then do rotate but it not rotating in diff. angle. Its moving round round like circle but not going in diff. angle. What I do? My colleagues  also working here on CAD but there viewport rotating simply by rotate command but they dont know why its not working here. Reply soon me waiting.


30.06.2012, 06:23
You have an answer in one of the other forums you posted this question in, but the answer is to use the viewporttype MVSETUPalignrotateselect a point inside the viewport windowenter the rotation angle and <enter>Escape out of the command.Dave.