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19.05.2014, 14:07

Does anybody have any experience with the 2DPlot application in AutoCAD2014?

John Connor
19.05.2014, 15:09
You're having a problem plotting a 2D drawing from AutoCAD 2014?Are you plotting from model space or from a layout?Are you plotting to a PDF or to a sheet of paper?What units are you working in, metric or imperial?What size paper will this plot be using?Are you plotting "to scale" or doesn't the scale matter?Is this a black/white or color plot?Do you plan on using a CTB or STB plot style?As you can see, your lack of specific information regarding the problem leaves many unanswered questions.

19.05.2014, 16:55

Thanks John, but the 2DPlot application I'm referring to is CADStudio 2DPlot which is an AutoLISP utility for AutoCADSee:

Vladimir Michl
20.05.2014, 08:47

Do you need to change/add something in 2DPlot? Or doesn't it behave as expected?