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04.02.2011, 14:56
im in the architectural / structural industry and produce 2d plans for new build houses etc, i want to start producing 3d visualizations etc that show professional images what autocad/autodesk product is the best for me to buy that can produce what i need? thanx

04.02.2011, 14:59
INVENTOR!!but can be done in ACAD...but without the material detail that inventor provides.

04.02.2011, 15:01
really? i thought that mas more for the mechanical/electricall industry? i wouldnot even atemp in AutoCAD 3d its just way to laborious in my opinion

John Connor
04.02.2011, 15:02
I would not recommend Inventor for doing 3D architectural / structural visualizations.  I would however recommend 3ds Max.  Inventor would be a waste of your money since its main strengths lie in other areas.

04.02.2011, 15:05
thanks john, i had considered Revit Architecture, any experience on this package?

John Connor
04.02.2011, 15:10
None.  All my work is done in AutoCAD.  I hear there is a real steep learning curve to Revit and that while it has improved there are quite a few people who have to work with it but don't find it all that flexible or enjoyable to do so.  Caveat Emptor.

04.02.2011, 15:15
i had used Revit Structure, not so easy to use, but i think the fact u can now import revit models into 3ds max could be a decent move

04.02.2011, 15:31
quote terminator, LOL, 'None.  All my work is done in AutoCAD.'so really, you cant comment.It really depends on what type of detail you are doing. Interior, rooms, high detail? INVENTOR.

John Connor
04.02.2011, 15:41
I've encountered this question in a few other forums and hands down 3ds Max will get the nod way more times than Inventor for this type of work.  Trust me on this.  If you don't believe it then visit The Swamp, CADTutor and AutoCAD Everything and ask the same question word-for-word and see what responses you get.  Care to make a friendly wager? John Connor2011-02-04 15:42:27

04.02.2011, 15:54
But its still based on speculation....whatever man 

John Connor
04.02.2011, 16:12
Speculation?  Maybe you can use that vast knowledge of yours to enlighten the people over at AutoDesk then.  First start with this link re: 3ds Max and look right under where it says Autodesk 3ds Max Products.
Note how it mentions powerful 3D rendering capabilities and read what it also says about shading and texturing.
Then take yourself over to the page for Inventor and look where it says Autodesk Inventor Products.  Note that it says nothing about using Inventor for architectural design while going on to mention mechanical design for example.
I see you do not have the courage to stand behind your statements.  The challenge still remains.  Post the exact same question, word for word, at all of the AutoCAD help sites I mentioned above and let the users respond.  I'll check each one and after a week I'll come back here and post the results.  If I am wrong I'll admit it.  $100 says I'm right.  Put up or shut up.

04.02.2011, 16:19
You never used ANYTHING other than acad. You said so yourself. Give the poor OP facts. Not what you read off the internet.put up or shut up? what are you some sort of sissy azz CAD ganster?Take that to another site, terminator.

John Connor
04.02.2011, 16:28

Just as I thought.  No spine.
Not willing to let your peers cast their own votes?  Not too sure they'll come through for you?  If you are the one posting the question then I cannot influence the results.  What could be more fair?
Why not post one of your 3D architectural visualizations created with Inventor?  We can all be amazed at your prowess.'s all your decision.  Makes no never-mind to me.
Peace out.John Connor2011-02-05 13:10:48

04.02.2011, 16:36
I've never heard anyone talk about using Inventor for architectural renderings before. In fact, every image I've seen online, of projects done in Inventor, have been some sort of mechanical device, cars, motorcycles, equipment, etc. Do you have any examples of architectural renderings that you can point me to? I would like to see the quality and see how it compares to Max. For my money, Max beats all other programs for high end photo realistic architectural rendering, hands down. But I always like to see what other programs can do.

05.02.2011, 16:06

karlt83, REVIT is what you need, don't waste your time on anything else. The name of the software is Autodesk Revit Architecture for a reason.As far as learning goes, you might be better off taking a formal class on the subject. I think this would probably be the quickest and easiest way. Or, you can google "revit tutorials" and start there.Good Luck!!HAWDesigner2011-02-05 16:07:28

16.02.2011, 12:14
I would try Revit Architecture, not thst much of a learnig curve, if you are allready in this field. I had no trouble with the basic's, and I came from the mechanical side, i.e. Acad. and Inventor.