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13.03.2011, 21:32
Hi, when I'm in the layer properties manager, I cannot change my plot style, since I cannot click on any of the plot styles, which are all in grey letters, instead of black, can somebody help me?Thx,Niels

John Connor
13.03.2011, 21:59
Do you normally use CTB or STB plot styles?

14.03.2011, 10:06
I don't know, what's the difference between them? I never changed anything, so I guess the default.

14.03.2011, 15:07

They are supposed to be greyed out. You don't change your plot style settings from the layer properties manager. If you want to change your plot style settings, you need to do that from within your plot manager. Select the plot style you want to edit and then click the little button next to it.but if you don't even know if you're using ctb or stb plot styles, I suggest you do some reading before you start messing with your plot style settings.Here's a little something to get you started:
Cad642011-03-14 15:09:48

John Connor
14.03.2011, 15:41
How does one NOT know about ctb or stb plot style files and where they are accessed?  Are you self-taught?