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03.03.2008, 23:55
I know this may be one of those ...Duhhhhh questions, but I am new to ACADM (2008) and can't seem to figure out how to change the default text to Arial form Romans and get it to stay.
I have created a custom dwt and everything else works fine except for the default text.
What do you say O`Mighty gurus of CAD???

04.03.2008, 16:52
I have ABS 2006 (now MEP) and i would think it would be similar.  All you have to do is go to Format -- Text Style -- then the option to change your faunt is in this area.  You can apply this to a certain profile so when ever you are using that profile your default text will be what ever you changed it to.  If you need more info on creating a profile let me know
Also you can create a specific Text style within the Format --- Text Style menu.dlittle2008-03-04 16:53:38

04.03.2008, 18:38
That is what I have been trying to do, but once i shut down the program and open it back up (after saving it to the template file) it reverts back to Romans.

04.03.2008, 19:14
i was able to get the Text Style to remain when opening and closing the drawings by creating a new Template file (DWT).  Check and see if it is on the scroll down menu of the Text Style manager under --- Format ---- Text Styles.  I am not sure how to turn it into your default text style, so you may have to scroll down to it and select it when ever you create new text

06.03.2008, 10:30

06.03.2008, 20:58
Yes I have it set to open our template.  It was working, but a-las, now it is not.

21.03.2008, 12:45
I opened my template file change the font style in every location I could think of and then save the template, but I still get the same results when I open a new romans instead of areial style text.